We provide our customers with the best poultry services from birds like;

  • CHICKEN – Our chickens are well breed broilers, well fed and highly maintained to reach the standard of our customers. They chickens are enriched with proteins, vitamins and essential minerals for the control of blood pressure cholesterol and reduction of cancer risk.
  • PEACOCK – We raise peacocks whose fat content is low, with a high level of proteins,calcium,vitamins and other micro elements that helps eliminate toxins from the inner body and aids as a supplementary function of the kidney. Giving the consumer a healthy choice.
  • GEESE –Our geese are fed specially manufactured feeds and they are rich in protein, giving a satisfactory nutritious value to consumers.
  • OSTRICH –Our ostrich which is a better and healthier alternative for red meat is low in fat and calories and high in protein for the day to day nourishment of consumers. They are raised by experts to give our customers quality of a life time.